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Looking for a dependable commercial cleaning service in Spokane, WA? Total Clean Commercial Cleaning Services is one of the most respected janitorial companies in the area—serving a wide range of businesses from health care facilities to manufacturing plants, schools, local eateries, theaters and government agencies.

We go beyond cleaning facilities just for appearance—we will help companies ensure healthy environments for employees and customers.

Commercial Cleaning Spokane “Our office was in pretty bad shape. Working magic is an understatement. An absolutely wonderful job. Irina is an honest professional, reasonably priced, and the work she does is incredible. I am sold.” – J.B.


Your Satisfaction: Our Priority

At Total Clean Commercial Cleaning Services, we understand your organization does important work each day. We also know a cleaning service committed to excellence, reliability and indoor health can be your secret weapon—the more pristine and sanitary your indoor space, the higher the productivity and customer satisfaction.

Your business serves an essential role to the public all the while providing a comfortable, safe and clean environment for your employees, customers and guests. That’s why we go the extra mile—cleaning each space with the utmost care and at the same time not interrupting your day-to-day operations. We set out to make your environment germ-free, pleasant and gorgeous so you can focus on business at hand!

Call Total Clean Commercial Cleaning Service if you need:

  • General maintenance. Let us be your contract cleaning service. We will clean your office or facility in the mornings or evenings. Whatever timeframe works for your normal business hours. Call us >>
  • Scheduled cleanings. If your office is in the process of relocating and you need an external company to help with cleanup before or after, we can help you. If you’re hosting an event, we will clean your venue before or after. Request service >>
  • Same day cleaning service. If your organization or company has dealt with a messy situation that requires quick turnaround cleaning. We can help you >>

Our Services:

We offer:
  • Construction site cleanup
  • Floor care
  • Floor waxing
  • Detail cleaning
  • Stripping and refinishing
  • Top scrub/re-coat
  • Spray buffing of VCT flooring
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Carpet cleaning and shampooing
  • Janitorial services
We provide services to the following businesses, industries and locations:
  • Attorney offices
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Churches
  • City, county and state facilities
  • Government agencies
  • Commercial businesses
  • Construction sites / new construction areas
  • Educational facilities (schools, universities and colleges)
  • Medical offices and hospitals
  • Real estate offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Movie sets
  • Design studios
  • Showrooms
  • Galleries

Clean and Green

At Total Clean Commercial Cleaning Services, we take pride in our eco-friendly processes. Did you know studies have found indoor air can 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor? Since so many of us spend a large percentage of our time inside, it’s crucial to keep our indoor air quality as high as possible. Our company uses green cleaning products, equipment, systems and procedures to minimize VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions and control allergens caused by dyes and fragrances. Our commercial cleaning services will contribute to the health of your occupants for better productivity, increased bottom line and enhanced employee/customer satisfaction. Whether your business caters to adults or children, our cleaning standards will leave your business with a pleasant and healthy indoor environment. Schedule a cleaning >>

Why Total Clean?

We value the relationships with our customer. That’s why we ensure the highest attention to detail. Have you noticed that a commercial cleaning service is only mentioned when there are complaints? At Total Clean Commercial Cleaning Services, we embrace that our role is to be nearly invisible to those who shape your business.

When you hire us, you’ll see the difference. No lingering dust particles, spider webs or areas that haven’t been vacuumed. We will leave your environment clean and pristine—at the same time honoring the individual space of your employees and customers.

Your productivity is as important to us as our own. Schedule a cleaning >>

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Pledge of Excellence

Commercial Cleaners Commitment to qualityWe Guarantee to the Best of Our Ability:

  1. A clean building every time.
  2. All cleaning specifications thoroughly performed. We will go the extra mile to improve building appearance and cleanliness.
  3. Building security
    ~ To only be in the customers building with authorized cleaning personnel while performing cleaning functions.
    ~ Not to borrow, abuse, or use customer equipment, machinery or facility in general.
    ~ Maintain absolute security with all customer keys.
    ~ Ensure a secure building when leaving.
  4. Confidentiality - not to discuss customer equipment, employees, facility, management or business in general with anyone else.
  5. Professionalism - to perform all work with sanitary cleaning supplies and equipment, following aseptic cleaning procedures.

KAIVAC Cleaning System

Total Clean Commercial Cleaning Services is committed to using the latest and most effective systems available to clean and sanitize the work areas where you spend much of your time. Click on the thumbnail below for an example of the cleaning technology we use to help you stay healthy.